Ambidextrous people tend to be less religious, study suggests

20 Mar

Research published in 2004 found that strongly handed individuals were more likely to believe in biblical creationism rather than biological evolution. The original study proposed that strongly handed individuals were less likely to update their beliefs in light of evidence. But Chan wondered if other factors could explain the association.

The new study of 743 U.S. adults confirmed that handedness was correlated to religiosity. The strongly handed participants were more likely to agree with statement such as “There is a personal God” while disagreeing with statement such as “Religion makes people do stupid things.”

Chan also found evidence that authoritarianism mediated the relationship between handedness and religiosity. In other words, strongly handed individuals tended to score higher on a measure of right-wing authoritarianism, which in turn was associated with stronger religious belief.

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One response to “Ambidextrous people tend to be less religious, study suggests

  1. Dietz Ziechmann

    March 21, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    I won’t give you any left-handed compliments for the study. Do this comment come from the right-hand of God? The traditional Jewish-Israelish post-Biblical Rabbinic attitude is even-handed. Praising God and less conspicuously wrestling with the idea of God, with a blanket deference to God. From Abraham on, Hebrews have mythically “bargained with God”, from the incident at the Jabbok River, where Yaacov (Jacob) “wrestled with God (El)” and “prevailed”, Jews have had a subtly ambidextrous relationship with the Divine, in contrast with much of Islam, and much of “Christianity” . The Jewish approach is hard for most people, I’ve found, to handle emotionally.

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