The Dremora Lord

23 Dec

Again, another post that is slightly off topic from my usual themes of religion and cognitive science.

The Dremora Lord is a character in the video game series The Elder Scrolls. The most recent installation is called Skyrim. While playing Skyrim, I thought that the Dremora Lord was a pretty metal character. He is my favorite character, and I would love to just unleash him in any battle just to hear his quotes while killing people/monsters (really, who would say “I smell weakness” when fighting a dragon? That is metal!). So I thought to myself “If he’s so metal, he should have a metal song about him!” so I wrote one.

Granted, this is just an instrumental with a bunch of quotes from the Dremora Lord in Skyrim.

This song isn’t so much of an original song but more of a Frankenstein’s monster sort of song. I got the riffs from a variety of different bands. The intro riff is a mix of a My Dying Bride riff and an Iced Earth riff. The second riff is influenced by another Iced Earth song. The bridge to the chorus riff was influenced by Nevermore. The chorus riff is again influenced by My Dying Bride and Anthrax. The bridge riff between the chorus riff and returning to the verse riff is influenced by, of all things, Gypsy Jazz. Then, the riff leading up to the solo and the solo itself are influenced by Metallica.

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