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Real Academic Work?

James McGrath left this nasty comment on P.Z. Myers’ blog about Richard Carrier and his use of Bayes’ theorem:

PZ, I have to say that I am very disappointed to find someone who stands for mainstream science against its bogus pseudoscientific critics, cheering on someone who represents the equivalent in the domain of history.

I’ve tried to offer some explanations regarding why Carrier’s attempt to engage in denialism ought to be found no more persuasive than the similar attempts to sow doubt regarding evolution, climate change, or anything else about which the vast majority of experts agree.

Evolution? Bayes’ Theorem. Climate Change? Bayes’ Theorem. Historical Jesus studies? Oh… well… when you attempt to use Bayes Theorem in that domain, you are the equivalent of a bogus pseudoscientific critic.

So make no mistake! Real academic work is not about method. It’s about appeals to authority and consensus.


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