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Canadians losing faith in religion

This makes a good follow up to my previous post:

Religion seems to be a key player in many of today’s top stories, from  stand-alone events – such as the 2005 riots in the suburbs of Paris linked to  the French government’s proposed burka ban, and rightwing Christian Anders  Behring Breivik’s shooting rampage in Oslo, Norway – to more drawn-out sagas,  such as child abuse in the Catholic Church, and the perception that Christians  are constantly campaigning against gay marriage and abortion.

Canadians who don’t participate in religion themselves experience it in the  news, which can sensationalize the negatives aspects of religion, said Dr.  Pamela Dickey Young, the principal of the School of Religion at Queen’s  University, in Kingston, Ont.

Can it be said that Canadians are actually starting to think that belief in belief is a negative trait? Or are they just thinking that belief is a negative trait? This part is telling:
Dickey Young said when she asks most of her firstyear students if they're religious, they say no. When she asks if they are spiritual, they say yes. She said this follows a general trend among Canadians who are turning away from organized religion – which is seen as a concrete set of pre-ordained rules – in favour of a more personalized spiritual journey.
It seems like they still think tha belief in belief is a positive trait.
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