The World Was Created Last Thursday

19 May

Jen and Pipi continued their conversation while walking out to the barn.

“…and that's why I believe in God.” Pipi rejoined “You can't prove that God doesn't exist! And so you can't prove me wrong!”

Jen stopped in her tracks and let out a huge sigh. Pipi turned back to look at her while Jen began digging in her pocket.

“Ok, let's run with that 'you can't prove me wrong' thingie” Jen said, as she began to pull a toy out of her pocket; a white ballerina toy. Jen began wearing a slight, mischeivous grin on her face while looking up towards the sky. “I believe…” she said, trailing off a bit and pausing as if for dramatic purpose. When she seemed to find the thought she was looking for among the clouds, she began walking again towards the barn and looked back at Pipi smiling all the more “…that the world was created last Thursday. With all of our memories, history, emotions, and all of that junk created to give us the fake idea that the we n' the Earth n' the universe n' stuff has been around a lot longer than last Thursday.” Pipi seemed confused, not knowing where this was going.

“You can't prove me wrong!” Jen laughed.

“Yeah, but you don't really believe that.” Pipi quipped “And besides, that's just stupid!”

“But why is it stupid, though?”

“Because the world obviously wasn't created last Thursday! We have books and–“

Jen cut her off. “Yeah, but I believe that those books were created by some god or like aliens or something to make it seem like everything was here longer than last Thursday. So you can't use books n' stuff to prove me wrong!”

“But I remember…”

Pipi stopped herself and looked exasperated, as she began to realize what Jen was getting at. She knew that Jen was going to claim that her memories of everything prior to last Thursday would be brushed aside by that same logic. As they got into the barn, Jen began moving the white ballerina toy through the air as though it were hopping along an invisible stage and took in a deep breath. Pipi knew that with that deep breath, she was in for a pseudo-intellectual monologue, as was Jen's want. Not that Jen was actually unintelligent, but she thought she was a lot better rhetorician and public speaker than she actually was. Though both girls seemed to confirm the stereotype that 15 year olds think they know everything.

“See, I think you're confusing 'can't be proved wrong' with 'can be proved wrong, but isn't wrong'. I think they're different. Maybe we should say something can be proved wrong, but hasn't been proved wrong yet instead of saying can't be proved wrong. Like, say I said that all swans were white. All we would have to do is go out and find like, a black swan, and I would be proved wrong. But up until'in you find a black swan, my idea that all swans were white wouldn't be wrong. Not wrong yet. See? But what if when I saw the black swan, I said 'no that's not a real black swan, that's just a white swan with a tan!' If I kept doing things like that, then I could say that I haven't been proved wrong yet but in reality I making it so that it's impossible for me to be proved wrong.”

“So what are you trying to say?” Pipi responded, slightly annoyed. “That believing in God is the same as believing something as stupid as thinking the world was created last Thursday?”

“Well look'it.” Jen said matter of factly. “Both your belief in god and the belief that the world was created last Thursday are both impossible to be proved wrong. I'm saying that when something is impossible to be proved wrong that it's a bad thing. How do you figure out if it's true or not? Do you think your belief in god is the same as believing that the world was created last Thursday? That's what happens when you believe something that's impossible to be proved wrong. The sign of a bad belief is when it's impossible for that belief to be proved wrong. Like you said, it's just stupid!”

“My belief in God is not stupid, Jen…”

“Well maybe you should believe in a god that it's possible to prove doesn't exist! Possible to be proved wrong isn't the same as being wrong. If I said it was gonna rain tomorrow it's possible that I'd be proven wrong, but that doesn't mean I'm currently wrong. Since it's possible for me to be proved wrong, that's what makes my prediction that it's gonna rain tomorrow a better belief than an impossible to disprove god or that the world was made last Thursday. We figure out what we know and don't know by what we get wrong… like you and Mr. Lansky's math test!”

Both girls laughed. “Oh Lord, don't get me started!” Pipi chuckled. “Mr. Lansky… his class is impossible!”

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