Koine Greek Prefixes and Suffixes

01 Dec
A book that I'm planning on buying I was able to preview on Amazon. I've been looking around for a while for a list of K. Greek prefixes and suffixes (after my earlier post about Marcion and possible diminutives) and was unable to find any until now. So here I'm listing them for my own edification:
Noun Prefixes
α (αν)- negative indicator: not
δυσ- negative indicator: bad
ευ- positive indicator: well, good
νη- negative indicator: not
Verb Suffixes
-αζω: to do, be, cause
-αιρω: to do
-ανω: …
-αω: …
-ευω: to do, be
-εω: …
-ζω: …
-ιζω: …
-ιρω: to do
-μι: to do
-οω: to cause, do
-σκω: to do, be
-σσω: to do
-υνω: to cause, do
-ω: to do
Noun Suffixes
-αδιον: diminutive
-αριδιον: …
-αριον: …
-εια: quality (αληθεια – the quality of being true; truth)
-ειον: place
-ευς: agent
-ή: product of verb action, other
-ης, ο: agent
-ια: quality
-ιά: object, result of action
-ιδιον: diminutive
-ιον: diminutive, related to
-ιος: related to
-ισκη: diminutive
-ισκος: …
-ισσα: female indicator
-ις: diminutive, small, fem. indicator, object
-λος: characterized by
-μα: object, result of action
-μονη: action, state
-μος: process, state
-ον: object, other
-ος, τό: object, concept
-οστης, η: quality
-σις: action
-συνη: quality
-τηριον: place of action
-της, ό: agent, one who does
-τον: object
-τρια: fem. indicator
-τρον: instrument
-τωρ: agent, one who does
-ων: object, quality
Adjective Suffixes
-ην: quality
-ης: quality
-ικος: having the characteristic of
-ιμος: fitness, ability
-ινος: made of
-ιος: related to
-ιστος: superlative indicator
-ιων: comparative indicator
-κοντα: multiples of ten
-κοσιοι: multiples of one hundred
-μος: quality
-μων: quality
-νος: pertaining to
-ος: quality
-ους: made of
-πλασιων: multiples indicator (x amount of times)
-πλους: …
-ρος: quality
-τατος: superlative indicator
-τεος: obligation, intention, must do
-τερος: comp. indicator
-τηρος: quality
-τος: poissibility (-able; killable::φονοτος from φονος, murder)
-υς: quality
-ωλος: …
-ων: comp. indicator
-ως: quality
Adverb Suffixes
-η: manner, location
-θα: reference to place
-θαδε: to or at a place
-θεν: from a place
-ι: of time or place
-ιστα: superlative indicator
-κις: multiples indicator
-σε: to a place
-σι: related to time
-τερον: comp. indicator
-τερω: …
-τος: related to place
-ω: from
-ως: manner (-ly;)
Missing from this list is -ισθεις which I'm pretty sure has the same meaning as -ed in English. Like [having been] angered (οργισθεις; Mark 1:41) or [having been] baptized (βαπτισθεις; Matt 3:16). Also helpful would be the prefixes like -κατα (according to, down), -ανα (back, against, up), -δια (through, every), προς (first, previous), συν (same, co-), and others. There are probably others that I don't know about that weren't included in this list. But it's a good list for me, nonetheless.
It also confirms that Μαρκιων is not a diminutive. It actually seems like Marcion is not anything, since it's not originally a Greek name and would only fall in the category of Greek nouns. Εὔρυτος, while a name, also means “full-filling”, Εὐρυτίων means more full-filling. Εὐρυτάτος would be most full-filling.
Who knows though. The omega might have originally been an omicron to throw off the relationship between orthodox Mark and the heterodox Mark.
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  1. JohnnyTheGreek

    June 30, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    Very important for understanding the function of Greek nouns, verbs, etc.! Thanks for your contribution to keeping Koine Greek alive!


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